Coil winding machine: compact and with the highest precision

We develop and build coil winding machines (Calotron® system), which are in international demand mainly because of their compactness, high performance and reliability – in electrical engineering especially in transformer and choke construction.

Our coil winding machines in detail

Performance features

  • infinitely variable drive
  • SPS Simatic S7 control
  • hydraulic cold pressure welding device
  • winding shaft with flange
  • deflection rollers
  • pneumatic or hydraulic brakes
  • pneumatic mandrel for insulation
  • pressure roller to winding mandrel
  • automatic 0-positioning
  • Counter bearing*
  • Hold-down device (optional for BWM 150 and 250)*

* Standard from BWM 400 SPS


  • separate unwinder
  • customer specific wishes
  • support with the dimensioning of coil windings

Technical specifications

Bandwidth 150-600 mm
Band thickness
(at max. bandwidth)
max. 0.5-2.4 mm
Band thickness AL max. 1.5-3.0 mm
Band thickness CU max. 1.0-2.5 mm
Band cross-section max. 75-1200 mm2
Connection thickness max. 3-14 mm
Coil diameter max. 200-550 mm
Band tension (N) max. 750-12000 mm
Winding speed (rpm) 3-14 mm
Accuracy (band length measurement) 0.5 mm
Insulation sheath diameter (clamping range) 75-81 mm