Joining technology – cold pressure welding

Cold pressure welding is the simplest amd most cost-efficient method for connections in electrical coils from copper and aluminum strips with connection bars or leads without using heat, fillers or fluxes. Round wire sections, different materials and materials of different sizes can all be welded together with our proven cold welding technology. A cold weld is basically stronger than the parent material while having the same electrical characteristics.
The surfaces are welded together under high pressure at room temperature, which results in molecular bonds that were highly durable and reliable. In order to obtain an ideal weld all contaminants like oxides, oils, chemicals etc must be removed. Only clean surfaces should be brought together.
Aluminium and copper can be welded together in any combination (Al-Al, Al-Cu, Cu-Cu). We offer you to test welding your material to confirm its suitability for cold welding.

Our cold pressure welding machines in detail

Performance features

With the mobile cold pressure welding device type KSW 220 we provide an extremely economic and flexible working device for your connection technology. It is especially appropriate for welding of conductors at the beginning and end of a winding. It provides all the advantages of cold pressure welding technology such as high productivity, quality of the connection, cleanliness and the possibility to weld different materials like copper and aluminum together.

Technical specifications

Pressing force 80-220 kN
Band thickness AL max. 1.2-3.0 mm
Band thickness CU max. 1.2-2.5 mm
Connection thickness max. 2.5-12.0 mm
Connection width max. 50-150 mm
Hydraulic drive max. 650 bar
Pressing power regulable
Weight of the press 10-32 kg

Cold pressure welding – press tools

The pressing tools are selected from the table. If an intermediate dimension of the strips or connections is used, the next higher dimension must be taken into account for tool selection.